Creative Visual Storytelling

Filming professional footage is more than just owning good gear, it's understanding the big picture, the "pipeline" or workflow. It's about knowing how to convey the key concept or story points, and how your footage supports this. It's also about good communication to maximise the talent, and satisfy client expectations.

Below are some samples of videos that I have shot, edited and produced.


Capture. Edit. Polish. Deliver.


Big 4 Holiday Parks with Jennifer Adams

Vitasoy with Peter Siddle

Dell DWEN with Simone Haag

Athlete Profiles and Business Stories

Claire Foreman Australian Muay Thai Champ

RISE Kickboxing Event Promotion

Hammer's Gym Business Promotion

Social Media Campaigns

Videos are the best source of engagement for social media.

  • Need a promotional videos for your business, or yourself?

  • An athlete with a story?

  • Or an event looking to promote?

  • Perhaps you have a venue you want to show the world?

  • Or a product you are proud to bring to fruition?

"Video has the power to bring attention to important issues, highlight inspiring stories, and connect people from all walks of life."

"Video has the power to transcend language and cultural barriers. It can inspire, educate, and move people to action."

" Video editors can bring stories to life, and evoke emotion in ways that no other medium can."


With over 15 years of professional video editing experience, I can bring your vision to life. Whether it's a narrative-based piece, a fast-paced sports edit, a corporate advertorial, or community messaging, I know how to seamlessly weave together music, voice, and visuals to tell a compelling story and deliver your message.

Australia Post Vinomofo Business Highlight

Warriors Way Event Promo

Karate Hype Reel Athan Dritsas - Athlete

The Editors Cut

Permission to launch.


A unique view. Shot variety. Wow factor. Creative freedom.

Take to the skies!

Any questions?

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