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Multimedia is such a broad field that I have acquired a unique set of wide ranging digital skills over the years. These are the primary services I'm currently offering.

With 15+ years of motion graphics animation experience, I can bring your assets to life.

Let's collaborate to transform your ideas into exceptional visuals that inspire action.


The Art of Movement

Motion Graphics is the art taking static assets, such as photos, icons, text, maps, etc, and animating them to help communicate your message or story.

Whether it's an explainer video for a your new app, or a conceptual animation, motion graphics fills the gap where traditional video falls short.



Kinetic Identity

I can animate your existing logo to life! Whether in 2D or 3D, I'll animate your visual identity in a way that is meaningful and impactful to your brand.

From a simple flourish, to a full 3D build with all the bells and whistles, click through to see some examples of logo animations I've done for my happy clients.

Complete 3D Workflows

3D Animation typically refers to an entire video being crafted, and rendered out of computer program, such as Blender or Cinema4D. Often 3D animation is preferred when a real life video shoot proves too cost prohibitive, or simply not logistically possible. Whether featuring a product, character or environment, choosing 3D animation can open up a world of possibilities.

Below is a sample of my 3D animated works.


AQUEAS Product Demonstration

APT Tour Commercial

Bullet Plow Product Visualisation

Motion as storytelling.



Visual Communication

Graphics packages are typically a themed collection of graphics that support a video's visual brand identity.

For example with an instructional video series, each video may require an opening title sequence, name supers for introducing the presenters/guests, or supporting full-screen information graphics, tips, logo integration, overlays, contact information, credits, etc.

All these elements should work together to strengthen your production.

A graphics package is a visually coherent set of these elements that animate on, and off the screen, supporting your videos content and messaging, whilst honouring existing brand guidelines.

Medibank Social Media Campaign graphic overlays

Woodside Park Stud Television Commercial full-screen title example

A name overlay title example

"Visual effects are the magic that make the impossible possible and the unbelievable believable."

Visually Eye Catching

Visual FX is a broad term used to describe graphics made with software like After Effects. VFX are often composited with real footage to add production value, or assist in the storytelling/ communicate information clearly.

Perhaps it's drone footage with virtual buildings and name tags added, or green screen compositing of talent against a virtual backdrop, or special effect overlays added to a video.

Or, your own personal visual ident.


Claire "Fury" Foreman Athlete ID & sponsor callout

Drone Footage with motion tracked VFX callouts

Show Opener for pilot "Witch in the City"

Animated VFX elements

Reach out if you need a hand.

If you have a question about a service, or would like to talk through a job, reach out and I'll get back to you.