Dynamic branding


Let's work together to turn your imagination into reality.

Animating your brand logo to life can be a great way to catch the attention of your audience.

Adding this animation to to start of your videos not only adds production value, but can help communicate the nature and function of your offering.

Below are some samples of logo animations I have created for my clients.

Client: Aqueas - Pool Industry

Client: Orange Coaching - Business Coach

Client: SNP Media - Media Production

Made with love for my clients

Client: Drizign - Stainless Steel manufacturing

Client: MDCA - Mobile Dentist

Client: Eovan - Electric Personal Vehicle

Client: ModaVIVO - High end home

Client: Flying Start Syndication - Horse Racing

Client: O2 - Oxygen

Client: Donut Digital - Horse Racing (multiple)

Client: Donut Digital - Start Warrior

Client: Pixel Ready - Content Creator (me!)

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